Emperor Norton Absinthe was named after Joshua Norton, self proclaimed Emperor of these United States. He lived during the late 1800s in San Francisco and was more or less a vagabond. He wandered the city dressed in part Union part Confederate uniform and even made his own money which shop owners would accept. He is credited with proposing the Bay Bridge and the Transbay Tunnel.


Emperor Norton Absinthe











Raff Distillerie personally imports both wormwoods from 30 miles outside Pontarlier France, one of the birthplaces of absinthe. Each batch is made by hand and only produces 540 bottles.

This premium absinthe is a perfect representation of the absinthe served all over Paris 130 years ago. Woody hints of wormwood and a gentle taste of anise followed by floral and citrus undertones. This absinthe creates complex flavors not seen in other absinthes by using only traditional herbs picked for their fresh and vibrant flavors.